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Fine Dining

In The Heart Of Downtown Venice

Our Cuisine

Café Venice is open daily, serving lunch six days a week and dinner every night. For lunch, treat yourself to a Caesar, wedge, or Mediterranean salad or try one of our sandwiches, from a grilled chicken caprese to our own take on a reuben. At dinner, you’ll find exotic tapas such as escargot and duck potstickers, along with entrees like crab-stuffed flounder, filet mignon, and veal medallion.

Our dishes boast homemade sauces, and our desserts include vanilla bean crème brulee and keylime pie.

We serve a variety of beer, wine and liquor and have recently expanded our wine list to include a reasonably priced Specialty Reserve list. We change this list from time to time, as certain things become more or less available to us, and we would love to hear your suggestions.

Live Music

Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat

  • May 16th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • May 17th - Tracy Z. 7pm

  • May 18th - Nick Sperry 7pm

  • May 21st - DJ Tony Accardi 6:30pm

  • May 23rd - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • May 24th - Sam Domicolo 6pm

  • May 25th - George DeJong 7pm

  • May 28 -  DJ Tony Accardi 6:30pm

  • May 30th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • May 31st - JM Murphy 7pm

  • June 1st - Kim and Bob Teasdale 7pm

  • June 4th -  DJ Tony Accardi 6:30pm

  • June 6th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • June 7th - Luna 7pm

  • June 8th - Sweet Lou 7pm

  • June 11th - DJ Tony Accardi 6:30pm

  • June 13th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • June 14th - Joe Lawhorne 7pm

  • June 15th - Nick Sperry 7pm

  • June 18th - DJ Tony Accardi 6:30pm

  • June 20th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • June 21st - Tracy Z. 7pm

  • June 22nd - JM Murphy 7pm

  • June 25th - DJ Tony Accardi 6:30pm

  • June 27th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • June 28th - TBD

  • June 29th - Ramona Hermansa 7pm

  • July 2nd - DJ Tony Accardi 6:30pm

  • July 5th - Joe Lawhorne 7pm

  • July 6th - Kim and Bob Teasdale 7pm

  • July 9th - DJ Tony Accardi 6:30pm

  • July 11th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • July 12th - Tracy Z. 7pm

  • July 13th - Nor Easter 7pm

  • July 16 - DJ Tony Accardi 6:30pm

  • July 18th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • July 19th - Joe Lawhorne 7pm

  • July 20th - Ramona Hermansa 7pm

  • July 23 - DJ Tony Accardi 6:30pm

  • July 25th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • July 26th - Luna 7pm

  • July 27th - Sweet Lou 7pm

  • July 30 - DJ Tony Accardi 6:30pm

  • August 1st - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • August 2nd - Tracy Z. 7pm

  • August 3rd - Murphy 7pm

  • August 6th - DJ Tony Accardi 6:30pm

  • August 8th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • August 9th - Joe Lawhorne 7pm

  • August 10th - Nick Sperry 7pm

  • August 13 - DJ Tony Accardi 6:30pm

  • August 15th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • August 16th - Joe Mullen 7pm

  • August 17th - Ramona Hermansa 7pm

  • August 20th - DJ Tony Accardi 6:30pm

  • August 22nd - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • August 23rd - Luna 7pm

  • August 24th - NorEaster

  • August 27th - DJ Tony Accardi 6:30pm

  • August 29th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • August 30th - Nick Sperry 7pm

  • August 31st - JM Murphy 7pm

Known for our gourmet feasts in our restaurant, Café Venice also offers one-of-a-kind catering. We will collaborate with you to ensure your event’s food fulfills your vision. There’s no event too small or large, too casual or lavish.

Menus are customized based on your event wish list. We know that every detail counts. So, whatever the occasion, let us help you bring it to life.