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Live Music 7 - 10pm

Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat

Sam Domicolo

Sam Domicolo began his professional music career in 1959 in Oswego, New York.  The music stopped for a few years while he served his country in the U.S. Navy. Then in 1966 Sam returned to his music as a member of the band "Edge of Darkness".

Sam has performed throughout the country, but is now settled in Nokomis, Florida.  He plays in a variety of venues throughout the Venice/Sarasota area but Café Venice is his “home”. Kay Kropac, Café Venice owner, was the first to hire Sam when he moved to Florida and he has been playing for her for the last 14 years.      

At the present time, he enjoys singing the songs of Neil Diamond, James Taylor, Van Morrison, The Eagles, Billy Joel, Zac Brown Band, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Buffet and a never-ending list of the "oldies".

John Michael Murphy

John has been playing guitar and singing professionally for over 40 years, whether as a single, duo or in a band. He currently creates, arranges, and produces all of his music including drums, strings, bass, horns, and synthesizers. On any given night listeners will hear songs from Adele, The BeeGees, Santana, Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen, U2, and many more. 

Nick Fiasco

Performing your favorite hits from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Bobby Darin & more.  

Featured in : The Rivers Casino, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, The Strip Magazine, Whirl Magazine and Perfect Wedding Guide.

Joe Mullan

Originally from Bethesda, Maryland, Joe started to play music after seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964.  He began taking guitar lessons with his HS friend, Nils Lofgrin, who went to play with Neil Young, and, has been the lead guitarist in the E Street Band with Bruce Springsteen for the last 30 years.

Joe graduated from the University of Maryland with a Business Degree and has continued to play in Bands at the Jersey Shore for over 30 years.  He founded the SHORE THING BAND in 1995, which, became one of the most popular Bands at the Jersey Shore.

Moved to the Venice area and began to play as a solo artist in 2014.  Specialize in music from the Beatles, Beach Boy, Bob Dylan to name a few.

DJ Tony Accardi

Meet DJ Tony Accardi - Your Premier Entertainment Choice!

With a vibrant track record spanning 25 years in Sarasota, DJ Tony Accardi brings your events to life! Whether it's a subtle vibe or a high-energy bash, his FULL TIME expertise ensures your special occasion is unforgettable. Fully licensed, insured, and equipped with only the best sound & lighting tech, you're in safe hands. Ever thought of spicing up your party with Karaoke or Music Videos? Top Shelf Entertainment offers a top-notch system and a vast song library to elevate your party experience! Book now for a seamless celebration


  • June 11th - Karaoke with DJ Tony 7:30pm

  • June 13th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • June 14th - Joe Lawhorne 7pm

  • June 15th - Nick Sperry 7pm

  • June 18th - Karaoke with DJ Tony 7:30pm

  • June 20th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • June 21st - Tracy Z. 7pm

  • June 22nd - JM Murphy 7pm

  • June 25th - Karaoke with DJ Tony 7:30pm

  • June 27th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • June 28th - TBD

  • June 29th - Ramona Hermansa 7pm

  • July 2nd - Karaoke with DJ Tony 7:30pm

  • July 5th - Joe Lawhorne 7pm

  • July 6th - Kim and Bob Teasdale 7pm

  • July 9th - Karaoke with DJ Tony 7:30pm

  • July 11th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • July 12th - Tracy Z. 7pm

  • July 13th - Ramona Hermansa 7pm

  • July 16 - Karaoke with DJ Tony 7:30pm

  • July 18th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • July 19th - Joe Lawhorne 7pm

  • July 20th - NorEaster 7pm

  • July 23 - Karaoke with DJ Tony 7:30pm

  • July 25th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • July 26th - Luna 7pm

  • July 27th - Sweet Lou 7pm

  • July 30 - Karaoke with DJ Tony 7:30pm

  • August 1st - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • August 2nd - Tracy Z. 7pm

  • August 3rd - Murphy 7pm

  • August 6th - Karaoke with DJ Tony 7:30pm

  • August 8th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • August 9th - Joe Lawhorne 7pm

  • August 10th - Nick Sperry 7pm

  • August 13 - Karaoke with DJ Tony 7:30pm

  • August 15th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • August 16th - Joe Mullen 7pm

  • August 17th - Ramona Hermansa 7pm

  • August 20th - Karaoke with DJ Tony 7:30pm

  • August 22nd - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • August 23rd - Luna 7pm

  • August 24th - NorEaster

  • August 27th - Karaoke with DJ Tony 7:30pm

  • August 29th - Nick Fiasco 6pm

  • August 30th - Nick Sperry 7pm

  • August 31st - JM Murphy 7pm